Friday, September 29, 2017

Pacific Partners Project Campus Feature: Palau Community College (PCC)

To commemorate #NCSAM, we would like to recognize and feature participating institutions of the #PacificPartnersProject.

Palau Community College (PCC) is an accessible public educational institution helping to meet the technical, academic, cultural, social, and economic needs of students and communities by promoting learning opportunities and developing personal excellence. One of the goals for Palau Community College is to ensure that students are learning in a safe, violence free environment. To underscore the college's vision, PCC has a set of unifying principles which guides the direction of its development of student success: teamwork, quality services, open communication, managing goals, promoting leadership, integrity and loyalty, community ownership, continuous improvement, creativity and innovation, people and respect for others.

As part of the Pacific Partners Project (PPP), PCC has sought to involve not just students, but also the community. The college has held “Tuesday Night” programs to create a space for interactivity between students and the community. As part of their involvement in PPP, the “Tuesday Night” programs now also provide a space and opportunity to speak candidly about the issues of sexual assault on campus, and how the institution can seek guidance in terms of improving campus life. Moreover, during student orientations, they discuss topics such as campus safety, what sexual assault is, and the severity of these issues, and how they impact student life on campus.

For more information on PCC and its involvement with PPP, please contact Hilda Reklai at Also for further assistance please contact the following:

Office of the President: (680)-778-2257 or (680)-488-2470/71
Campus Security: (680)-779-9290

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