Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Pacific Partner Project Campus Feature: College of the Marshall Islands (CMI) & Ohwa Theological College (OTC)

College of the Marshall Islands (CMI) & Ohwa Theological College (OTC)
To commemorate #NCSAM, we would like to recognize and feature participating institutions of the #PacificPartnersProject.

The College of the Marshall Islands (CMI) has dedicated itself to providing access to quality, student-centered, post-secondary educational services to the Marshallese people. The College also provides selective, higher education programming, intellectual resources, and research specific to the needs of the nation and the larger Pacific community.

As part of Pacific Partners Project (PPP), CMI has engaged its campus, especially the students, in terms of promoting awareness and information regarding sexual assault. CMI has conducted workshops that engage both male and female participants to discuss issues relative to sexual assault, substance abuse, healthy relationships, and domestic violence. In addition, CMI’s new student orientations included sessions focused on the issue of sexual assault, student rights, and campus services available to students as well as community resources. The college also held a “Staying Safe” workshop which focused on campus safety, and emphasized student involvement in the exercises to help illustrate the importance of campus safety. As part of getting further student involvement in the project, student leaders also attended workshops to help familiarize themselves and to help educate students on how such cases of sexual harassment should be taken seriously and the steps to report such incidences. CMI has been actively engaged with members of its campuses to help promote the importance of PPP, and will continue to promote the need for a safe and harassment-free learning environment.

For more information on the college and its involvement with PPP, please contact Rachel Salomon at rsalomon@cmi.edu

We would like to recognize and welcome our newest partner to the #PacificPartnersProject, Ohwa Theological College (OTC), located on Pohnpei. OTC is dedicated to ensuring its students remain committed to their educational aspirations, and ensuring that students are safe within the learning environment. As one of the christian-bible colleges that is a member of the project, OTC offers a unique perspective in engaging college campuses to raise awareness and prevent sexual assault on college campuses. With OTC as a new partner, we look forward to having more resource-sharing and collaborations between OTC and all of our partners for this project. For more information on OTC and its involvement with PPP, please contact Chairman Shelten Neth at chairman@mail.fm.

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