Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Pacific Partner Project Campus Feature: Northern Marianas Trades Institute (NMTI)

To commemorate #NCSAM, we would like to recognize and feature participating institutions of the #PacificPartnersProject.

The Northern Marianas Trades Institute (NMTI) is dedicated to providing eager students an opportunity to learn and acquire skills. Check out this video to see what opportunities they can provide to eager students.

NMTI has been dedicated to ensuring that the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands recruits and retains an adequate workforce and pool of skilled workers. An integral part of the project is to ensure that policies are in place to help facilitate the enforcement and prohibition against sexual assault on campus. NMTI recently began formulating its own sexual misconduct policy which will be included in its student handbook, so students may be more aware of the policy and their rights as it pertains to reporting sexual misconduct on campus.

For more information on NMTI and its involvement with PPP,  please contact Victor Mesta at

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