Friday, September 29, 2017

Pacific Partners Project Campus Feature: American Samoa Community College

To commemorate #NCSAM, we would like to recognize and feature participating institutions of the #PacificPartnersProject.

American Samoa Community College (ASCC) is dedicated to fostering student success by offering high quality education programs for students in a safe and academically-driven environment. These programs allow students to have the opportunity of transferring to higher institutions of learning, successful entry into the workforce, and to further develop their capabilities to be contributing members to Samoa and the Pacific.
ASCC has been actively engaged with its community in raising awareness with regards to sexual assault and domestic violence. Click here to see what they have been up to.

As part of the project, ASCC took part in the 2017 May kNOw More Conference and representatives were trained to conduct basic Title IX Investigation. As part of ensuring they are compliant with Title IX, members of the college’s designated taskforce and SART team took part in a webinar on Title IX. In addition to that, members of the campus community provided feedback on their campus’ progress in addressing sexual assault and general satisfactory of the campus’ services. On campus, ASCC is working closely with their student organizations to implement Pacific Partners Project. “You Are Not Alone,” a student organization that addresses suicide, assault, and gender issues, among others, is assisting in implementing PPP.

For more information on ASCC and its involvement with PPP, please contact Annie Panama at . For assistance on campus you may contact the following:

Title IX Coordinator: (684) 699-9155 ext. 407
Campus Security: (684) 699-9155 ext. 304

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