GCASAFV is a non-profit organization comprised of member agencies representing public and private service providers, community individuals and other community partners and government allies. GCASAFV focuses on addressing sexual assault (SA) and family violence (FV) on Guam at a community level with one united voice.

The GCASAFV carries out its mission by providing education, outreach and training. We assist in building the capacity of community organizations and networks to meet the needs of survivors of FV and SA.

Additionally, the GCASAFV works to increase the community’s awareness about the impact of sexual assault and family violence. This is accomplished through its Community Advocate Training program which arms community members with information about SA and FV, local services and resources available, and victim’s rights.

GCASAFV’s Project STAR (Strengthening Teens Awareness & Resources) is a project funded by the Office of Minority Health Resource Center and is aimed at raising awareness of the prevention of HIV/AIDS, dating/family violence, and sexual assault targeting youth between the ages of 10 to 17 years old.

This project is supported in part by the Office of Minority Health Resource Center (Health Information Campaign Award). Postings and opinions expressed are those of the authors and/or Coalition organizers and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of the funding agency