Monday, December 17, 2012

What is AIDS?

A- Acquired: AIDS is not something you inherit from your parents. You get AIDS after birth.

I– Immune: Your body’s immune system includes all the organs and cells that work to fight off infection or disease.

D– Deficiency: You get AIDS when your immune system is low, or isn’t working the way it should.

S– Syndrome: A syndrome is a collection of symptoms and signs of disease. AIDS is a syndrome, rather than a single disease, because it is a different kind of illness with a complications and symptoms.

AIDS have one or more specific opportunistic infections, certain cancers, or a very low number of CD4 cells. If you have AIDS, you will need medical help and treatment to prevent death.

Source from National HIV/AIDS Strategy

Guam’s AIDS hotline is (671) 734-AIDS (2437) for more information and assistance.

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